Conference Speakers – 2018

Image of Scott Newstock

Plenary Session

“Islands of Knowledge”

Scott Newstok teaches at Rhodes College, where he is Director of the Pearce Shakespeare Endowment. He is the author of Quoting Death in Early Modern England, editor of Kenneth Burke on Shakespeare, and co-editor (with Ayanna Thompson) of Weyward Macbeth. More information on Dr. Newstock and his work may be found HERE.





Image of Nic Helms


Special Session

“The Mind’s Construction”: Cognition, Mindreading, and Shakespeare’s Characters

Nicholas R. Helms is a 2015 graduate of the Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies at the University of Alabama. His research applies cognitive science to the early modern period, and his first book, Cognition, Mindreading, and Shakespeare’s Characters is forthcoming from Palgrave in 2019. He also acts as artistic director of the Improbable Fictions staged reading series ( Information about Dr. Helms and his work can be found on twitter (@nrhelms) and on his personal website HERE.